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Enlighten The Lamp Of Your Fortune

You must know that the future, the destiny or the fate, is undefined, and you have to create by your thoughts and actions. It is the result of efforts you put-in to carve your life by which you reach to any conclusive end, that may depend how you do it? If you do it authoritatively with set-goals in a time-bound manner, then you may be successful otherwise you end up in frustration and disappointment.

Your destiny is locked between your past and present thoughts, feelings, mind-set, pre-set notions, and that you inherit and record from your inward and outward in the mind through five senses. All this produces action in life and manifest. Hence, the mind plays a significant role through its five senses, vision (eye), touch (skin and body as a whole), speech//voice (tongue), sound (ears-hearing) and smell (nose, nostril). We receive all messages in our conscious-mind through these channels, and the God’s within, the sub-conscious-mind receives it and manifest it accordingly.

In the Vedic-concept “Aham Brahmasmi”, which means you are the Creator, as God is within you. He releases what you demand by your five senses inward, and He creates & manifests all dreams as you asked Him on the outer platform of the worldly or in the spiritual life.

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The program and relevant books are based on the use of the senses to feed right thoughts, feelings, voices inwardly by a program, “ENLIGHTEN THE LAMP OF YOUR FORTUNE” for getting required results in a set time, subject to your mind-set, pre-set notions and precautions. If this program is correctly done as per procedure you can have miraculous results subject to riders given in the terms and conditions. The author & mentor does not make any guarantees that what about this program to be successful because it will depend on your mental habit, spoken words, negative mindset etc. Please read all terms and conditions before proceeding for this program, you have to be an adult, and follow strictly the precautions given in the program or in the books of the Author, Mentor Dinesh Sahay. You have to begin this program with complete faith in Self, in the Almighty and your mentor and under whose guidance you can see amazing results.

Before going to this exercise, you have to understand

  1. What is life?
  2. How our mind, thoughts work in tune with the journey of life?
  3. How to erase your unwanted negative thoughts, recordings and actions from the mind?
  4. How to prepare your mind to carry out this miraculous exercise?
  5. How much time it takes to fulfil your dreams?
  6. What are the precautions? 
  7. How to do this program?
  8. What to do after your wish/dream is manifested?
  9. Why it is necessary for you to control your ego when you fulfil your dream?
Your forthcoming destiny is hidden beneath the answers of these above questions which you may create as per your set-goals or wishes... However, the online program which you can join here is also mentioned in some of the books of Mentor & Author Mr Dinesh Sahay which one must buy & read in the book’s column. So, what for you are waiting? Join, become member or register, buy books, send your wish, join what’s app group, select plan for the program, and begin a new journey in your life which is set by yourself.
  • Can we create our life as per our wishes, dreams and goals?
  • Can we become what we want in our lives?
  • Can we live till we want to live?
  • Can we become rich and abundant with the little or meagre we have at present?
  • Can we cure ourselves and recover from diseases with which we are fighting?
  • Can a life partner be destined for us in this life?
  • Can we marry a person of our choice?
  • Can a person living in a hut dream about a palace and become very rich and abundant?
  • Can a handicapped person lead a happy and successful life?
    My answer to these questions is a big YES…

Please remember the answer of all below questions are Big !


We can create anything at any point of time! I will tell you how you can create what you want and drive your journey of life. Set the journey of life with goal, wishes, with target date and act on it. You are the creator of your own destiny which is stored for you by God. He releases it to you on demand by your thoughts and actions......... It’s as simple as this. Your destiny is locked between your past and present thoughts. It’s a fight between past thoughts and the present ones. The thoughts that strive hard, win.
Online Program

How you can achieve this or do online program?

  1. By registering, become member, keep getting news/letter about program/related-books of author & mentor. Joining WhatsApp Group.
  2. By buying and reading the related books written for this golden program.
  3. By actually joining the online program, by choosing a plan explained below;
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“Do you have a Dream/Wish or a Goal? Do you want to realize in your life soon? If your answer is Yes! Please register, and send your details and question in a format.”