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Mr. Dinesh Sahay

is an Award-Winning Author who wrote nine books, five in English, Three in Hindi and one in Tamil languages. Also, he is a Mentor & Maker of Wish/Dream-Fulfillment Program, “ENLIGHTEN THE LAMP OF YOUR FORTUNE” which also solve your day to day problems. He also wrote this program which can be read in the following books;

  1. Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell? 
  2. Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune
  3. Tamil book (Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell?) 
    முன்னறிவிக்க முடியாத நட்சத்திரங்களை என்னால் உருவாக்க முடியுமா?

For consultations and advice, please send a request to the Mentor and Author Mr Dinesh Sahay at;

“Do you have a Dream/Wish or a Goal? Do you want to realize in your life soon? If your answer is Yes! Please register, and send your details and question in a format.”