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Author & Mentor - Dinesh Sahay

Mr Dinesh Sahay has written nine books and evolved a time-tested program, “ENLIGHTEN THE LAMP OF YOUR FORTUNE” for this purpose for wish/dream fulfilment & solutions for the day to day problems of life of individuals.

Normally, no one will trust this thing because they think that which happens in life is due to either, luck, fate, destiny or self-efforts, accept those who have actually gone through this program and fulfilled their dreams, and also found amicable solutions.

If you are in search of making a dream to reach to a conclusive manifestation or to find a right solution to your day to day problems of life, you have luckily reached at the right place by God’s grace. You can also read books relevant to this subject written by author & mentor, Dinesh Sahay, 

Do you think is it Possible ?

Yes! It is...if you believe in yourself, the Mentor and the Almighty God, everything is possible at any point of time.

This exercise takes hardly few minutes of time from your busy schedule of the day. You can perform this program while sitting in the office, home or while moving in the train or flying in a plane or while sitting in a car. You will witness Miraculous results from the 3rd, third day onward in the direction of your dreams, from the start of the Golden program, “ENLIGHTEN THE LAMP OF YOUR FORTUNE”.

The Mentor, Dinesh Sahay has been conducting this program for a very long time… 25 years, and many people from different work areas have achieved tremendous success. It’s a miraculous program which is unbelievable, performed by the use of the power of the mind, thoughts, spoken words, and with the right targeted actions.

Fate or destiny (Kismat) is the invention of fools and does not exist. Whoever believes in it and obsessed with divine fate, is the enemy of his own souls. He perishes, destroying his good worth and prosperity

Yogi Vasishta

The Future of everyone of us ...

The future of everyone of us is undefined, and our life lies in the present moments of our time, past is dead, and the present time is left for everyone to make what you want. So, think about now…, don’t waste it, leave the habit of procrastination, and think about what you want in life? What is the purpose of life? In what respect do you want to lead a life; in a worldly or spiritual way? It’s your choice, and you can do that!

Join online program, “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune*” of your mentor & award-winning author of nine books. Read his inspirational books and learn & master the art of creation. You may also inter-act with the Mentor, Dinesh Sahay by joining his WhatsApp Group.

Books written by Author

"Mr. Dinesh Sahay"

Art of staying young while growing old

When people grow old, they have to face many problems in life especially when they retire from service or business. How can they triumph over the day-to-day problems of old age?

Can I create what stars can't Foretell

This book is a guide to solutions of day to day problems of life, such as, marriage issues, partner selection, jobs, promotion, financial & expansion of business, wish/dream/goal manifestation etc.

Vridh hone par yuva hone ki kala

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Story of unbelievable Miracles of Life

The book, “Story of Unbelievable Miracles of Life” Is non-fiction and written as memoir. I want to share readers about some unforgettable stories of his life and the lives many people who were with me during the course journey of life.

Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune

Learn how to create what you want in life by art of creation in actual life through right power of thought, power of spoken words, power of writing and by right targeted actions in right time zones.

Mastishk aur Vichaaro se Jeevan Ki Rachna Kese Kare

This Golden Book is not a story, novel or a fiction, but a practical program to Fulfill Wish/Dream/Goa. The program, “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune” was created by the author Dinesh Sahay who is a mentor also (writer and consultant).